'He's just trying to blur his political stance'

Top News | Phoenix Un 3 Aug 2016

A returning officer disqualified Edward Leung Tin-kei as a Legislative Council candidate yesterday despite him making a U-turn in his stance on independence for Hong Kong because she believed he wasn't sincere.

Lorraine Ho Lai-sheung, the returning officer for New Territories East, sent Leung a 12-page explanatory statement, quoting his Facebook posts that "proved" he advocated independence.

And in response to Leung's argument that returning officers should not consider "hearsay" like media reports and Facebook information, Ho said the law did not prohibit her from doing so.

Leung launched a new Facebook page a few days ago saying he fully upheld the Basic Law and recognized Hong Kong as a part of China.

He also said that his previous Facebook page, which advocated independence, was no longer under his control and he had disabled it.

But Ho said she doubted Leung's sincerity and that "he is just trying to blur his real political stance. It's impossible for Mr Leung to have no knowledge about his old Facebook page."

Ho also said that Leung did not affirm he had abandoned his independence stance after she asked him on July 22 whether he advocated independence. It was only after his application for a judicial review against the Electoral Affairs Commission's candidate form was rejected by the High Court that he wrote to her with a "resounding no" to the independence question she had posed.

Ho pointed out too that Leung said to reporters that if he had "to crawl into the Legislative Council in order to be elected I will."

It seemed, she said, that Leung was willing to use any tactics in order to get elected as a lawmaker, for example by announcing he would not advocate independence any longer. As a result, she mistrusted Leung's stated change of heart.

"I find that I could not believe Mr Leung had actually changed his appeal and advocacy to Hong Kong independence after considering legal advice from the Department of Justice," she wrote, that Leung "had no intention to uphold the Basic Law."

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