Why you should get insurance for your holiday trip

Money glitz | Avery Newmark 28 Oct 2021

With the holidays fast approaching, experts are predicting travel this season to reach prepandemic levels.

But with busy airports come delays, cancellations and, in 2021, the possibility that you or another passenger will test positive for Covid-19.

All together, that means even the best-planned trips can be affected by the unexpected, costing you your vacation and more.

The solution? Travel insurance.

Lori Judd, licensed agent with Prestige Travel Vacations, said that travel insurance pays for peace of mind.

"It's a huge savings. If you purchase it upfront, with seven to 14 days, it covers preexisting, you can get 'cancel-for-any-reason,' you can get 'cancel-for-work' because a lot of bosses will say: 'Oh, you can't go. I know you have a trip, but sorry.'"

Here are the top three reasons to get travel insurance for your holiday trip:

1) Protection against unexpected illness or death in the family

Without insurance, you could lose a lot of money if you get sick or a non-traveling family member is hospitalized or passes away before your scheduled trip and you have to cancel. With trip travel cancellation coverage, you may be able to cancel or postpone your vacation.

2) Coverage for travel delays

With flight delays and cancellations the norm in 2021, alongside regular delay-causers like traffic accidents and bad weather, there are many unexpected ways to find your trip delayed.

Travel insurance will help cover those situations should you miss a flight.

3) Replacing that lost, stolen or delayed baggage

Ever sat at baggage claim for an hour before realizing your bag is just gone?

Whether your luggage is lost, stolen or damaged, replacing your bags and all of the contents can be seriously expensive. Travel insurance can help cover those costs.

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