Around the world in five scents

Money glitz | Ivy Ong-Wood 28 Oct 2021

Diptyque has planned a five-part celebration to mark its 60th anniversary this year. The first three parts were heavy on the fragrances but the fourth - the Grand Tour - has a bigger focus on home products.

Taking its name from the tradition of sending young people off to roam Europe and acquire firsthand knowledge of other cultures, the limited-edition collection is a contemporary echo of the maison's history and its trio of founders.

It revisits five destinations which have inspired the maison: Paris, Venice, Milies, Kyoto and Byblos. Venice and Kyoto are perfumes while the rest are home fragrances.

The two candles in the collection celebrate the first and last stop on the tour: Paris and Byblos. Developed by Olivia Giacobetti, the 190-gram Paris candle (HK$770) evokes that of a stroll along the quays of the Seine.

Meanwhile, the 300-gram Byblos candle (HK$1,200) recalls cardamom coffee served in souks.

An unusual product is Milies, named for the founders of the brand's second home. The fragrance of the fig tree fields bordered with cypress trees, giving way to the scent of immortelle bushes along the road leading to the sea, is capture in a scented oval, nested in a ceramic oval in the colors of the sea (HK$620).


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