Catch me if you can

Motoring | C Hung 14 Aug 2019

The catchy phrase used by Mercedes to promote its Mercedes-AMG GT four-door Coupe is "Life is a race." And the proud owners of the more powerful of the two choices, the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4Matic+ you see here would probably add: "Catch me if you can."

With a base price of HK$2.998 million, the 63 S is a pricey set of wheels, and for excatly HK$1 million less people who don't need as much horse power can get the 53 version instead.

The latter, it must be added, is no slouch in the world of four-door fast automobiles.

The GT 63 S four-door Coupe is the most powerful car bearing the Mercedes star logo currently produced. Coming equipped with a four-liter twin-turbo V8 capable of producing 639hp and 900Nm respectively, in power output terms, the engine concerned is bigger than the similar ones employed in the range-topping GT R two-door Coupe (585hp).

Perhaps confusingly for the unanimated readers, the GT four-door Coupe is in fact less related to the GT (two-door) Coupe but more to the current E-Class sedan, as explained by car critic Daniel Pang of Sing Tao Daily.

"The new four-door Coupe employs a chassis developed from the current E-Class/CLS," he said, before being more technical about the mechanicals. "Despite the engine's bigger output, the 4-liter biturbo uses a wet sump lubricating system more commonly found in less extreme road cars, in contrast to the dry sump system in its two-door GT Coupe sibling."

There are other fundamental differences as well.

"The four-door Coupe is equipped with a new automatic nine-speed MCT transmission and the 4Matic+ four-wheel drive system with rear-wheel steering capability and rear-axle limited slip differential lock," added Pang. The two-door Coupe, which can feel a little dated now since first leaving the manufacturing plant as early as 2014, uses a seven-speed gearbox and is rear-wheel drive.

According to Pang, who has experienced both the two- and four-door variants, the bigger and heavier four-door is surprisingly dynamic, with superior accelerative performance and stability compared to the two-door.

The four-door Coupe also feels exceptionally stable and agile in the hands of Pang on twisty roads.

He said: "You will be impressed by the agility of the car on Shek O Road. The rear-wheel steering capability, four-wheel drive system and the limited differential, all of which contribute to the superior road-holding capability, are essential for such a powerful automobile."

The car is not only about power and performance. Pang also appreciated the comfort and luxury of the HK$3 million four-door Coupe, which comes standard with a range of latest convenience and safety features of the brand, citing its S-Class rivalling quietness and comfort, whereas the two individual rear seats are spacious by the standard of high-performance cars.

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