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Motoring | C Hung 22 May 2019

Bentley Hong Kong - Kam Lung organized a "100 Years of Extraordinary" event at its Wan Chai showroom early this month.

The private preview event was for invited guests to get the chance to view the new Continental GT Convertible and the limited-production Mulsanne WO Edition by Mulliner in comfort and style.

Luxury British car manufacturer Bentley was established in July 1919 by a chap called Walter Owen Bentley, who developed a predilection for breaking up internal combustion engines and car chassis parts and putting the components back up again.

Better known as WO, as he preferred to be called, Bentley was to make the promise "to build a fast car, a good car, the best in its class."

The rest, as they say, is history.

This year is, therefore, one for celebrations at Bentley, and the Bentley Hong Kong - Kam Lung event was an example of the worldwide celebrations.

There, Bentley aficionados were delighted to get up close and personal with a classic Bentley R Type built in 1954.

It served as the inspiration for Bentley's Continental GT almost half a century later, when the marque was under a new owner.

The Continental GT Convertible (from HK$3.24 million) at the preview event came hot on the heels of the Continental GT Coupe which was first introduced to Hongkongers late last year.

Although it shares with the coupe all the luxury and trademark craftsmanship and materials, the convertible is frankly quite a lot more than its coupe sibling.

At the touch of a button, the sophisticated removable top swiftly goes into action in 19 seconds, with the vehicle going up to 50 kmh.

Speaking of speed, the third-generation Continental GTC, as it is sometimes referred to, can hit the 100kmh mark from standstill in 3.8 seconds, before reaching a top speed of 333 kmh.

Though this might not make it the fastest convertible in the world, it will be almost impossible for people to name another car model that comes with the same levels of performance, comfort, sophisticated and prestige.

The Continental GT series is likely to be a volume seller by Bentley's standard.

The Mulsanne WO Edition by Mulliner (from HK$5.7 million up) is limited to 100 cars worldwide.

It is certainly true that the limited version represents quite simply the pinnacle of bespoke design and manufacturing, but what distinguishes it from all the other Mulliners in the past is perhaps the fact that this fine example holds a slice of crankshaft from WO's personal eight-liter car - and this, be assured, won't be on the market anytime soon.

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