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Motoring | C Hung 15 May 2019

Following a signing ceremony recently in Hong Kong, Koenigsegg is now officially represented in Hong Kong, Macau and southern China. The founder and CEO of the Swedish carmaker Christian von Koenigsegg made the trip to the city, bringing with him the company's latest creation, the Jesko.

The event at The Ritz-Carlton was the first in the Asia Pacific region where the Jesko made its first public appearance, hot on the heels of the 1,600PS car's world premiere at the Geneva motorshow in March.

As a car manufacturer, Koenigsegg is relatively young. Headquartered in the former Swedish Air Force Base, Koenigsegg does not quite have the pedigree of the likes of Mercedes or Ferrari - automotive names that have been proven their success on and off the racing tracks, for generations.

With a history that traces back to 1994, though, it's been around longer than many of the multi-national, multi-billion-dollar companies across the Shenzhen River.

Wealthy start-up owners may just be the brand's potential customers.

An undisclosed number of the Jesko has been sold in the territory, according to the brand's newly appointed distributor Kingsway K Cars.

A spokesperson said the company would offer maintenance services to owners who bought a Koenigsegg before the distributorship.

Casual observers may be forgiven if they think that Koenigsegg is a spin-off of a cornflake or beer company.

After all, not everyone is a keen follower of news about the toys designed and made targeting only the sophisticated car collectors with a bank account to match.

Low-production Koenigsegg is not an assembly plant putting together branded components sourced from hundreds of automotive parts suppliers.

It does its own design and development. And in fact, the majority of the components are made in-house, in the best artisanal spirit and of the highest possible standards, emphasizes the company.

Instead of sourcing an engine and a gearbox from some German companies, which is the easiest way, Koenigsegg developed and made the car's five-liter twin-turbo engine and nine-speed multi-clutch transmission in-house, as well as the body, carbon fiber architecture, suspension, lights, aerodynamic parts and mechanism, and the infotainment system.

The Jesko, named after the founder's father, is a limited production version.

Given that all the 125 units Koenigsegg will produce have been sold following the Geneva motorshow, the initial asking price of US$2.8-3 million (HK$21.8-23.4 million) was perhaps considered a bargain by the brand's customers.

The Jesko shown in Hong Kong was only a prototype, which means no car reviewers were allowed to fire it up. Production of the 125 cars will begin in late 2020.


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