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Education | Natasha Tai 26 Oct 2021

The 21st century marks an increasing dependence on technology. To better understand it, one must learn the language of technology - coding.

The global education technology industry is rapidly growing in response to modern developments.

In an era of digital transformation, with education being one of the fastest-changing sectors, Hong Kong-based edtech company Preface aims to continue its "decentralized classroom" delivery model as a means to promote coding as the world's universal language.

"Technology has become part of our daily life," said founder and chief executive Tommie Lo. "We rely on technologies in data analysis, finance, the health sector, education and every single step of our daily lives.

"In Hong Kong, we see practical obstacles from lack of understanding of coding, while resources vary among schools with insufficient qualified teachers.

"Preface hopes to promote the popularization of coding education at full speed, aiming to bring innovations in programming education, tackle the issue raised by Hong Kong's traditional education model, cultivate coding knowledge among local teachers and equip future talent in Hong Kong and around the world with this key language."

The company offers curricula certified by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is the first Asian teaching platform to win an award in EdTech Summit in Europe, the world's largest education process program.

Its "decentralized classroom" delivery model emphasizes the idea that education should not be restricted by time and place. Students are able to choose when and where to attend their coding courses.

Through collecting and analyzing the learning data of individual students, Preface takes a student-centered approach to teaching methods by acknowledging the individual struggles in the learning process.

Using AI-powered learning materials, Preface analyzes students' traits, background and learning styles, then its smart system matches them with the "right" instructor. Thus, through constructing the most personalized classes, they are able to create suitable lesson plans for each student, depending on personal goals and objectives.

"We believe education is no longer limited to one-way delivery," Lo said, adding that they wish to "innovate the methods of establishing contacts and teaching knowledge to achieve the ultimate goal of education - teaching students in accordance with their aptitude."

Preface offers a wide range of coding courses to suit different students, schools and corporations. Using their HK$600- to HK$800-an-hour credit, depending on module selection, students can arrange their own class time according to their schedule.

They also have one-on-one in-person trial classes at HK$800 an hour to help students grasp the fundamental basics of selected courses using real-life cases.

Younger children can apply for courses suitable to their age and abilities, designed to pave a progressive learning path that allows them to put theory into practice.

From foundation, development or advanced levels, Preface's curriculum allows everyone to learn essential coding skills and develop a deep-seated computational mindset.

Students can also review their progress at the end of each term, and those who finish their coding course will receive a MIT Trainer certificate.

Having recently announced the completion of its Series A funding from Sunlink Holdings, Preface aims to continue promoting coding as the world's universal language.

Lo said: "We hope to equip our new generation with this key language for a better future and also to adapt to the development of technological society with stronger competitiveness."


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