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Education | 12 Oct 2021

Among the 130 Hong Kong students who obtained a full score of 45 in the 2021 International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, 35 took classes at NTK Academic Group, a pioneering academic tuition centre reaching its 25 th year of establishment in Hong Kong. Its founder T. K. Ng reveals the keys to success in IB.

“IB requires a lot of motivation for students to complete every task from IA, EE to the final exams,” he said. For this reason, good time management is crucial to complete the multitude of tasks and requirements throughout the two-year programme. Attentiveness, whether at school or at learning centres, is also essential in these intensive years jam-packed with academic subjects.

He advises students to be resilient when faced with seemingly insurmountable thresholds, and think critically as they need to learn to ask the right questions. “Many exam questions need to be tackled critically and the solutions require skills to combine multiple concepts or perspectives,” he said.

With the help of tutorial centres, students can strengthen their foundational concepts through additional practices, especially mock exams. In particular, NTK provides proprietary exam-drilling papers not directly drawn from past papers, but designed by IB examiners and curriculum specialists.

Students can also benefit from regular courses, intensive courses and summer courses with NTK’s proprietary course notes and exercises, together with full-time teachers who guide students’ every step.

Martin Chow [IB score: 45]

IB is a continuous assessment and requires constant dedication. I didn’t particularly study for an exam. Just pay attention in class and plan ahead. I found time to swim, play guitar and rugby.

Due to COVID, I struggled with online learning for half of the year. Thankfully my study group friends were there for me and my parents took good care of me. I took NTK’s Chinese classes and did mock papers in economics, maths and biology to get myself into an exam mode and improve my skills in tackling questions and time allocation.

Jerry Wong [IB score: 45]

IB requires critical thinking and developing a global perspective. It was tough, especially biology in which I spent a lot of time doing experiments, collecting data, finding research papers online, but I learnt how to make citations, analyse and write an academic paper. I also took tutorial lessons at NTK which helped sharpen my language analytical skills.
I urge students to revise early and not procrastinate. I revised as soon as a chapter was finished and made notes which I would review before exams.

Enoch Wong [IB score: 44]

IB offers the freedom to dig deep into the subject. For instance, I got to know about Chinese drama and think from a female perspective. All in all, I had to be very disciplined as there are deadlines to be met. Then I had to work hard on exams. I took exam-drilling courses to prepare myself and find my weaknesses.

My advice is never give up. When my chemistry experiment with vitamin C pills failed, I didn’t know why and even considered changing the topic. Finally I repeated it with lemon juice and succeeded.

Jonathan Man [IB score: 45]

IB is project-based and flexible, it requires loads of studying and less reliant on memorisation. That said, it takes a lot of hard work. It is a laborious process with research, planning and making many drafts.

I have no secret trick. It is everyday hard work, studying smart and focusing on the quality of study. Manage your time wisely to juggle between classes, course work and, in my case, being a Chinese orchestra member, school magazine editor and a volunteer worker. I also took NTK’s tutorial lessons which guided me with valuable advice in my Extended Essay on a Chinese writer.

Him-him Chiu [IB score: 43]

Initially, a huge load of coursework and presentation were thrown at you and it was stressful. It got better when the essays and presentations were finished and I just needed to focus on the exams. I took exam-drilling courses and found NTK’s mock papers harder than those of the real exams, making it a good practice to see where you stand.
I believe that the most important thing is to have everything planned out to meet the deadlines in your studies. Also, don’t stress too much. Relax. You can do it.


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