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Education | 11 Oct 2021

Christian Alliance International School (CAIS) has built a forward-looking program of studies that incorporates the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

CAIS is the only international through-train school in Hong Kong where students can graduate with either the Alberta (Canada) High School Diploma, with supplementary Advanced Placement (AP) credits, or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.

How it works

CAIS students start their studies on the Alberta curriculum from Primary through Secondary. In Grade 10, with the help of the school, students (and their parents) can determine the best pathway to take in Grade 11 and 12 to reach their desired goals:

- Continue with the Alberta curriculum, OR
- Continue with the Alberta curriculum with supplementary college-level AP courses, OR
- Embark on the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

This academic year, CAIS welcomed its first IBDP cohort. The school believes offering the IBDP as an additional pathway ensures a distinctive edge and learning flexibility for CAIS students. “We are excited that we have been accredited as an IB World School to offer the highly-recognised IBDP to our students,” says Richard Vanderpyl, Head of School at CAIS.

A smooth transition

An advantage CAIS has in offering the IBDP is how well its educational philosophy and Christian ethos ties in with the IB mission of developing inquisitive, knowledgeable and caring young leaders who make positive impacts in the world. Vanderpyl says “The emphasis on critical thinking and responsible, global citizenship that feature prominently in the school’s educational approach will further enhance the values of the IB curriculum.”

The Alberta curriculum, one of the top-performing learning systems in the world, and the IBDP share other similarities as well. The Alberta curriculum maintains a delicate balance in humanity, science, and art subjects, including more than one language. This means CAIS students are already familiar with handling a wide variety of subjects and a rigorous program. This facilitates a seamless transition from the Alberta curriculum to the IBDP as students enter Grade 11 – if that is their chosen pathway.

IBDP: A world-renowned curriculum

The IBDP, an academically challenging two-year pre-university program is recognized as one of the most influential international education programs in the world and develops students intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.

IBDP students learn at a similar pace as university students, conducting original research and learning how to attribute ideas to original sources. This includes writing a 4,000-word essay that mimics university assignments in the compulsory core subject ‘Theory of Knowledge’. Many find the first year in college easier to handle given the rigorous academic training they have received prior to entering universities.

World-class facilities and faculty

The Phase IIA development of the CAIS campus, with a focus on music, arts and drama, aligns with the IB mission for a holistic education. Upon completion later this year, the school’s already well-equipped campus will be augmented with a range of facilities, including STEM room and science laboratories, two gymnasiums, a football pitch, a 260-seat lecture theater, a 600-seat concert theater and more.

The people who deliver the curriculum are as essential as the curriculum itself. For CAIS, the faculty comprises Christian educators of different nationalities and cultural background. They are professionally trained to offer both the Alberta curriculum and IBDP. “We care deeply for our students and want them to enjoy a fulfilling and active school life,” says Mr. Ben Myers, the CAIS IB Coordinator.

Academic and pastoral support

The school provides all-rounded support to Grade 10 students to identify the learning pathway that best fit their interests, abilities and future aspiration and goals. Career counselling at CAIS include individual planning and university preparation among other support. Mr. Charles Grayson, Director of Student Services at CAIS says, “The goal is for students to understand the challenges of both diplomas, so they are capable of making the best decision.”

CAIS understands that children thrive in an atmosphere of care and support, so on regular school days, pastoral care and advisory time are given high priority. The school also encourages and provides opportunities for students to enjoy other activities and to serve.

Vanderpyl concludes, “Aside from academic knowledge and skills, we are committed to imparting children with soft skills that will propel them to flourish as conscientious members of the society we are all part of.”


Christian Alliance International School

Address: 33 King Lam Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 3699 3862 / 3699 3863 / 3699 3866



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