German Swiss International School’s Bilingual Kindergarten Programme in the German International Stream

Education | 21 Sep 2021

GSIS’s Kindergarten emphasises learning through play and follows a child-centred and holistic approach.

From early childhood onwards, the education that GSIS offers in their German International Stream is broad-ranging and holistic, and creates a pathway leading to top universities around the world. We believe that learning takes place when students have time to reflect on their experiences and are encouraged to develop a sense of purpose and individuality.

The school’s enviable reputation attracts world-class teaching staff and they are extremely fortunate to have such outstanding Bilingual Kindergarten teachers delivering the best education possible and providing a happy, family atmosphere.

In the German International Stream, they believe that the first few years of a student’s education are of vital importance and learning is all about discovery, opportunities, excitement and fun. Life in the classroom aims to discover and nurture potential, regardless of ability. They encourage independent learning and thinking, and their aim is to develop a child’s specific skills needed to participate successfully in the next step of their education in the German Primary Department. This is the first step in a GSIS education and their children have an exceptional start here. Their guaranteed small class sizes allows each child to develop their own talents and personalities under the guidance of enthusiastic and dedicated teachers. Their aim is to create a positive and stimulating bilingual environment where children are motivated to learn and reach their full potential.

Your child is about to embark on the biggest and most important adventure of their lives, and the German International Stream at GSIS believes in bringing out the best in each child so they are able to learn and thrive. They give their students the time and space to grow at their own pace within a nurturing and secure bilingual environment so that your children are the very best they can be.

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