Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Education | 21 Sep 2021

Written by Ruth Hanson, Head of NAIS Early Year Campus, Tai Tam

Big Decisions for Our Little Ones

‘Being ready’ for kindergarten is not about a set of skills you need to make sure your child has before they start kindergarten. It is about preparing your child for this next transition and it is useful to think about the conditions you want present in your child’s life to ensure kindergarten is a positive and enriching experience for them.

Language Skills

Being able to express oneself and being understood is very enabling. To develop your child’s language skills, you can support them by:

- Modelling simple sentences and phrases your child can imitate and use.

- Encouraging them to express their needs verbally, using these modelled phrases.

- Engaging in ‘real’ conversations with your child, where you take turns to talk and listen to one another.

Social Skills

Developing and maintaining meaningful relationships with others is a vital skill that we all need throughout life. We can help to prepare our children by:

- Playing simple games that require turn taking and sharing.

- Visiting parks or play areas where they will share the space with other children, supporting them in their play and modelling turn taking and consideration.

- Talking about feelings and emotions and looking at pictures of what the feelings may look like in others.

- Praising them when they recognise the feelings and needs of others.

Independence Skills

Here are some practical self-help skills that you can develop with your child. Consider these to see how they are getting along:

- Can they go to the bathroom by themselves?

- Can they cope without your company for part of the day?

- Can they complete the basic aspects of dressing themselves - even if the shoes are on the wrong feet or jacket is on backwards!

- Can they ask for help if they need it?

Remember, a kindergarten’s role is to care and teach your child, in partnership with the you. So, even if your child cannot do the above perfectly, a good kindergarten will understand their role to continue to develop these self-help skills with your child.

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