How do I give my child valuable options when they reach university and career level?

Education | 16 Sep 2021

How do I help them achieve academic success?

How do I find their passion in life and give them the tools to succeed?

For passionate parents, these are the questions that echo as they watch their pride and joy grow before their eyes. Education is changing, we now realize the potential of the undeveloped mind and what they can achieve. Gone are the traditional mindsets of an age-based curriculum, learners should not be held back by their age and what others think they can learn. Your child is a genius, your role as a parent is to give them what they are capable of learning and support them so they can achieve the extraordinary, you are, after all, nurturing the heir to your legacy. Genius Development is a platform to provide your child with early science education based around the international syllabus; with educational psychology rooted deep into our curriculum, every lesson is significant, every experiment gains a deeper insight into the world, and every child gets a head start in life.

When a child joins the Genius family, our highly educated teachers dedicate the first lesson to asking questions and understanding exactly where your child is in terms of academic knowledge. They are introduced to our numerous mind-blowing experiments and activities that immediately change their perception of science learning. Once an interest is sparked, we begin systematically teaching every topic in the international syllabus, overtime, you will notice a change in their behaviour and how they approach problems in life. This is because they are developing a scientific way to think and learning the mindset of being an academic. Book a trial class with us today and see the power of unrestricted learning!


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