How to create student success

Education | 22 Jul 2021

Held on June 19 (Saturday) at Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon East, The Standard's TKO Education Fair received an overwhelming response from parents and educators. Aside from individual booths for consultation and information collection, the Fair also featured six presentations by experienced educators.  

How to create student success

Invictus School Hong Kong offers an affordable, quality through-train international education from kindergarten to Year 13. Its secondary school’s Founding Principal, Lee Harvey, an experienced educator for 21 years, gave a presentation on ’16 Ways to Create Students Success’.

Harvey emphasized that when it comes to setting up students for success, it works no matter at what age the child is. “There are many ways for students to achieve success, but various studies show commonalities that most experts agree point the way forward,” he observed. “But one paramount requirement is for parents to encourage children to set their goals and priorities - they need to know what it is to be successful and what they need to do to achieve it.”

At Invictus, a CAT 4 admission test is used to give a grade predictor which tracks students’ performance throughout their study. “We use the assessment grade to help students know where their learning is and where they should target their efforts,” he explained. “The assessment grids are shared with all the stakeholders so that everyone knows what to achieve at what age and what are the next steps in a student's study.”

Another key to success is to encourage students to engage with the teaching faculty, and at Invictus, children enjoy the ownership of their learning. “ For instance, our student council is allowed to make decisions together with the principal and vice-principal on student matters,” said Harvey. “We also adopt an open door policy - my office door is never shut, and students are welcome any time.”

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