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Education | 21 Jul 2021

Woodland Pre-Schools will open the doors to 7 of their campuses with Free Trials for their Accompanied Programmes and Free Tasters for their Unaccompanied Programmes in July and August. This is a great opportunity to experience their classes, meet their team of educators and learn more about your child’s journey at Woodland Pre-Schools.

Spaces in the Free Trials and Free Taster classes are limited, so please register at https://bit.ly/3wFWjD1

The Woodland Journey is a pathway to success. It carefully builds upon earlier stages to support each child’s natural dispositions and curiosities, enabling them to move on to primary education equipped with the tools and skills that they need to succeed: a love of learning, independence, and self-confidence.  


Rollers (6-12 months)

As babies are discovering the world through their senses, the Rollers programme (6-12 months) is designed to enhance these natural tendencies.

Wrigglers (12 – 18 months)

Building on from Rollers, the Wrigglers programme (12-18 months) emphasises language and gross physical movement for these new walkers.

Playgroup (18-24 months)

As they develop into toddlers, the Playgroup programme (18-24 months) prepares children by developing confidence for Unaccompanied Classes through the foundation of play, routines and rituals.

Stepping Stones (2-3 years)

From 2 to 3 years old, children in the Stepping Stones programme will be unaccompanied by a familiar adult for the first time. Through play-based approaches and a safe learning environment, children start to build their independence, self-esteem and resilience.

Pre-School (2 years 8 months – 6 years)

As your child enters Pre-School (2 years 8 months – 6 years old), their inquiring mind will be stimulated to learn more about the world around them as well as literacy and numeracy.

Prep for Primary (5 years+)

In Prep for Primary (5 years +), education in a more formal format begins as children start to collaborate and problem solve with their classmates.


Woodland Pre-Schools

Campuses: Mid-Levels, Happy Valley, Kennedy Town, Pokfulam, Repulse Bay and Sai Kung

Tel: 2526 9478

Email: enquiry@woodlandschools.com

Website: www.woodlandschools.com

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