Finding the best fit school for your children

Education | 19 Jul 2021

Held on June 19 (Saturday) at Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon East, The Standard's TKO Education Fair received an overwhelming response from parents and educators. Aside from individual booths for consultation and information collection, the Fair also featured six presentations by experienced educators.  

Finding the best fit school for your children

Boasting over 26 years of experience in training teachers for local institutions, Ruth Benny, Founder and Head Girl of Top Schools, kicked off the seminar with a talk titled ‘Finding the fit’. 

“Parents in Hong Kong often find the school admission process confusing, costly and competitive. The truth is it's not as competitive as it was,” she noted, adding that parents should not be scared of being put on the waitlist. “Only certain schools are always in high demand whilst most of them often provide enough spaces.”

One of the key missions of Top School, she said, is to help parents save money. “My top tip is to always do the budget in detail, considering all possible expenses such as lunch, uniform and bus, and then compare the cost with other schools.” She also raised a few common mistakes made by parents, including applying late, wrong criteria, poor research on the school and asking for help when it's too late.

“Parents often ask me ‘which school is the best in Hong Kong?’ My answer is there is only the best fit school for your children because there is no ranking on schools,” she stressed. “So, parents should always keep their options open, taking timing and language preference into account.” 

On choosing the best fit school, Benny advised paying attention to the 6Ps: policy and procedures of the school, children’s personality and proficiency, and parents’ preferences and priority. “The order should be parents, children, and lastly the school,” she added. “Parents should always start with themselves and understand their expectations of children. Then, according to their children’s personality and proficiency, they choose the school that best fits them.”


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