At RCHK, a world-class IB education goes hand-in-hand with safety

Education | 27 Apr 2021

Renaissance College (RCHK) is an all-through top quality International School where students come to develop their unique passions, talents and interests, whilst being challenged by the rigorous IB curriculum. We are a member of the prestigious English Schools Foundation (ESF); the largest provider of English medium international education in Hong Kong.

Safety on campus is paramount, and we have taken very specific measures to ensure a clean learning environment for our students, faculty and staff. For example, we replaced our traditional water fountains with contactless water bottle refilling stations. In our ongoing efforts to support our local community, our six “Well” water stations are provided by Hong Kong-based company Urban Spring. We also have 10 locally sourced HKWS water fountains that offer a contactless water bottle refilling option that we strongly encourage the use of. We have had very positive feedback from parents and students having these new facility options on campus.

Our dedicated facilities team (our “Blue Team”) routinely disinfects classrooms and common areas when students are on campus. On holiday, our normal cleaning schedule doesn’t change - in fact, it is intensified. Our Facilities Manager Vivien Lai shares that the Blue Team uses the time when students and teachers are not on campus to focus on the public area disinfection work that includes thoroughly cleaning washrooms, carpets, rugs and furniture. Aligning with RCHK’s commitment to sustainability, the cleaning products used are environmentally friendly, and our portable Ozone machine allows for safe sanitisation of small areas when required. All of this empowers our exceptional teachers from around the globe to continue to create joyful and effective learning spaces.

At RCHK, you can have the peace of mind that our faculty will inspire the creativity, curiosity and potential of each and every student on a campus that is held to the highest standards of hygiene. English is the medium of instruction with Mandarin taught at every level. Scholarships for Secondary students and Financial Aid are also available. Contact to see what RCHK can do for your child!


Renaissance College Hong Kong

Address: 5 Hang Ming Street, Ma On Shan, New Territories

Tel: 3556 3556



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