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Education | 27 Apr 2021

With so many curriculum frameworks and schools in Hong Kong, it is often challenging for parents to distinguish one curriculum from another. Stamford American School Hong Kong, recently accredited by the Council of International Schools and authorized by International Baccalaureate for the Diploma Program (IBDP), is unique in Hong Kong as it offers an American standards-based curriculum, taught with an inquiry-based approach and the latest progressive educational practices. Curriculum Coordinator Michael Galligan shares what makes Stamford’s approach unique.

Why use the American standards-based curriculum?

When we look at the skills students need to succeed in the IBDP, we have found that the American standards at each grade level provide clear preparation, especially in terms of rigor in English and math. We are confident that students are learning the appropriate knowledge, skills, and concepts at each grade level, so their learning journey happens step by step, not sudden leaps. The inquiry approach encourages students to actively engage in the learning process and develop attitudes toward learning that will lead to success.

Many schools offer the IBDP, so what makes Stamford unique?

Stamford offers a range of programs to enable students to follow their unique path through graduation and beyond. First, I should highlight that we provide the ‘full IBDP’ and the DP’s ‘course candidate’ option where students may choose only specific DP final exams to sit. Likewise, if a student wishes to prepare for and take an American-based Advanced Placement (AP) course and exam, Stamford can assist students with this as well. 

All students will also receive a Stamford American High School Diploma, which is accepted globally for university applications. In addition to offering choice, real-life, hands-on experiences are integrated into our high school program. Our Cornerstones Program pairs students with mentors in leading organizations such as MIT, Oxfam, SCMP, the Hong Kong Art School and more. Students in grades 9 and 10 work directly with industry professionals to develop their passions and build confidence.

Learn more about Stamford’s secondary school curriculum and graduating pathways in our upcoming webinar. This session is open to all parents who want to learn more about the IBDP program and how they can help prepare their child for this program. (Date: May 10, 2021; Time: 1 - 2 pm)


Stamford American School Hong Kong

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