Online tutoring helps students succeed in DSE

Education | 18 Jan 2021

Snapask, a one-stop online learning platform, anticipates a threefold growth this year as online self-learning plays a crucial role in DSE preparation under the Covid-19 pandemic.

Amidst the ban on face-to-face teaching at school, online tutoring has emerged as key to success in DSE. In 2020, Snapask recorded a 30% increase in new Form 6 users, revealing that online learning has been the bedrock for 2020 DSE candidates.

According to Snapask’s internal data, each user on the platform asked 80 questions on average per month during the exam preparation period, and over half of the 60,000 DSE candidates have requested help from tutors via Snapask. The total number of questions asked has eclipsed 70,000, resulting in an increase by two times compared to 2019. 

Snapask notes that study has become an integral part of 2020 DSEers’ life, as the most diligent candidates asked nearly 900 questions, evidently investing all their time and effort in exam preparation. The platform anticipates that the number of questions asked this year will increase by three times.

With over 36,000 questions asked just in a few months, Snapask notices that Mathematics was the most challenging subject, followed by Chinese and English. Specifically, students found plane geometry, arithmetic and geometric sequences, and applications of trigonometry the most challenging topics in Mathematics

Moreover, under the real-time Q&A model, Snapask finds that English questions required the longest time to resolve, averaging 48 minutes per request. According to the tutors on the platform, since students found English Writing and Reading the hardest, they needed guidance on essays, specifically for help on grammar, diction, and structure. Acknowledging that language subjects are tedious, requiring students to hash out concepts and sentence structure, Snapask has tailored interesting writing and DSE intensive courses.

Timothy Yu, Founder and CEO of Snapasks, expresses his sympathy with the DSE candidates as they face this uphill battle, preparing for the exam under the pandemic. “While students have received less support from school and teachers during the remote-learning period, Snapask has filled that void with real-time tutoring, helping students resolve their difficulties and becoming the best study buddy,” he says.

He points out that online learning has already become mainstream in the education sector, and Snapask seeks to be a torchbearer in this area by sparking student’s interest to embark on their self-learning journey. 

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