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Education | 14 Sep 2020

Every month for a year, 6-year-old Amelia Johnson and her 3-year-old little brother Colin, has each received a box at their home in Hong Kong. Pursuing a bewildering array of activities, one month they were building a Crossbow and a Pirate cannon; the next month, they were creating an Ultraviolet Light viewer and a glowing jellyfish.

“It’s really cool!” said Sarah, mother of the siblings and subscriber of Tinkerer box. “The siblings enjoy the subscriptions so much. Now, they get very excited every time  the box arrives.”

Tinkerer box is designed by a group of international parents and educators in Hong Kong, with an aim to make learning immersive and fun. Since their inception, Tinkerer box has added different lines of educational products for children from different age groups and with different interests.

From 3-year-olds to teenagers, they can choose boxes aimed at their specific interests, such as mechanical design, light and optical illusions, arts and crafts to costume and pretended play. Each box is packed with meaningful STEM and STEAM topics reading and learning, as well as puzzles and games to develop math and critical reasoning abilities.

This year Tinkerer box has been awarded the Academics Choice Awards and selected as the best products for kids.

Tinkerer box

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