Mount Kelly Hong Kong: A pursuit of education excellence

Education | 28 Jul 2020

Inheriting over 140 years of education experience from Mount Kelly UK - a leading British independent school - Mount Kelly Hong Kong is an all-through school that provides a seamless education path for students aged from 6 months to 16 years old, including Babies and Toddlers (playgroup), International Preschool and Nursery, Primary and Secondary school.

Known for their innovative approach to teaching, Mount Kelly merges maths and music in the Mathematically Musically Minded Programme to get the best of each student. Rain Jones, Head of Schools & Governor, points out that research has demonstrated that combining the two fields engages both the left and right brains of children. “It brings forth benefits like accelerating their memory span and language processing skills.”

Integrated throughout the curriculum, the school ensures that students from the age of three, learn how to play an instrument and connects this to their maths lesson. For instance, patterns and rhythmns can help students to understand sequencing. Musisc is also used in the background of lessons to help calm and allow creativity.

Mount Kelly is committed to fostering the language skills of students. Its Accredited Mandarin Programme is recognized by the high school affiliated to Shanghai Fudan University. All Mandarin classes are adapted to the needs of native and non-native students. “Our Mandarin coordinator ensures that the school’s Chinese curriculum is on a par with the local context,” Jones says.

As for English, the inclusive EAL Programme considers all students with varying English proficiency, as Jones explains, “Apart from supporting those who are struggling, we also support students who are thriving and need the extra challenge to propel themselves. The school personalizes the teaching to align with their needs.”

Mount Kelly offers both the Bilingual Stream and International Stream for Preschool children. In the Bilingual Stream, half of the lessons are taught in Chinese and the other half in English. For the International Stream, lessons are instructed in English with Chinese lessons occurring three times a week. “Which stream students should enroll into is down to what their parents want for their children – whether they would like their kids to grow in a Bilingual or International context,” says Jones.  

For Mount Kelly, inclusive education also means ensuring that they support students to advance their social, emotional and academic skills. Its Special Learning Support Program, is provided in small, focused groups with a maximum of 7 students, offering extra care and attention to students who are progressing and developing at a slower pace. 

“It addresses the academic gap between students. While high-achieving students feel challenged and thus are motivated to grow, it also boosts the confidence of those who are struggling,” Jones says. “Parents are especially grateful for the effort we steer to promote their children’s holistic development.”

“The incredibly dedicated team of teachers at Mount Kelly Hong Kong is passionate about seeing students excel in their lives. It lies at the heart of everything we do.”

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