GSIS students receive their IB and German International Abitur results - and they're impressive.

Education | 8 Jul 2020

GSIS students are deeply articulate, creative, outward-looking young people with an impressively strong set of academic results.

The German Swiss International School (GSIS) runs two parallel streams from Kindergarten to Secondary School, following the German and British school systems to prepare students for the German International Abitur and the IB Diploma.

In both streams, GSIS has a consistently high level of achievement with progression to top universities around the world

GSIS is renowned for being a place of academic excellence which provides an outstanding student experience and ensures that all students are given the opportunity to maximise their full potential while developing independent thinking and enquiring minds.  Students in both streams are encouraged and equipped to pursue their intellectual curiosities independently within a supportive and stimulating environment, encouraging them to grow into independent individuals who can achieve whatever they set their minds to through diligence and hard work.

Across both streams, the school provides academic challenge for their high achieving students and supports them to fulfil their academic potential to take up places at top universities around the world.  In the English International Stream, this year’s Year 13 students continued the school’s record of highly impressive results in the IB Diploma.  Of this year’s IB cohort, 1 student achieved full marks of 45 placing them among the top IB scorers worldwide, 42 out of 60 students scored over 40 points and GSIS’s current average points score is 40.72 out of a possible 45, and will probably rise following remarks.  This score is well above the 2020 world average of  29.9 and once again places GSIS amongst the top achieving schools worldwide.

The diversity of their community is highly valued and with over thirty countries being represented at the school, they embrace the myriad of perspectives this brings

In the German International Stream, their students also achieved excellent German International Abitur results that are well above the German average and these students are looking forward to continuing their education at universities around the world, including Munich and the Sorbonne in Paris.  Mr Ulrich Weghoff, Principal said “ GSIS’s education is broad-ranging and holistic. Our students are hardworking, enthusiastic and determined learners, no matter which stream they study in”.  When asked what the benefits of studying in the German International Stream are, he replied “As university education in Germany is free, one question I’m often asked is whether students need to speak German for admission into the German International Stream.  The answer is that German language skills are not always necessary, especially with our Kindergarten offering a bi-lingual programme, as well as a Fast Track Programme for those students entering Y07.  Some parents ask why a family who has no connection to Germany, through language or family history, choose to introduce the German language to their children and study in this stream.  There are numerous opportunities with bilingual students gaining advantages for their future in an environment where each child can learn and grow at their own pace, with an emphasis on independent and critical thinking”.  In addition to the bilingual learning environment, the GSIS Fast Track Programme offers a unique opportunity to experience the world class Abitur Curriculum which creates a pathway leading to higher education which many non-German speaking families aspire to provide for their children. 

GSIS is a successful international school with over 50 years of history in Hong Kong and approximately 1,300 students from the ages of 2.8 to 18. Students come from a wide range of cultural and social backgrounds, with over 30 nationalities represented across both streams.  This exposes students to the different cultural values and beliefs, and helps to create understanding and acceptance of differences between people.  The school is committed to fulfilling the academic potential of each individual student and is justly proud of their students who are confident, compassionate and resilient  young people who become positive influences on the world.

German Swiss International School

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