Mount Kelly School's Home Learning Program during Class Suspension

Education | 24 Feb 2020

Mount Kelly School Hong Kong has developed an extensive home learning programme for its students during class suspension, partly to stay connected and partly to ensure the learning process for the children is continued. This has been achievable through the use of different online platforms.

The school is using a variety of different methods from recorded lessons to real-time live lessons, allowing the children to learn from where ever they are.

Online learning subjects include core subjects such as English, maths and Chinese as well as science, humanities, PE, music, French, art and PSHE, therefore delivering the whole curriculum and ensuring the learning is still taking place regardless of what is happening.

Some of Mount Kelly’s students who are currently abroad in various countries around the world such as Canada, England and the Philippines are still taking part in the school’s real-time live lessons. As an extra precaution for those children who might have missed some lessons due to the time zone difference, they can go to google classroom and still access the lessons.

Unique initiatives introduced by Mount Kelly with scheduled time slots are:

-    one-on-one reading sessions with the children

-    feedback sessions for the children to discuss their work

-    live weekly assemblies

-    live whole class spelling tests

All these have been put in place to ensure the children enjoy their home learning experience, remain engaged and motivated.

Student attendance is compulsory and high expectations are set for the children to ensure they are learning and are successful in what they are trying to achieve.

For children who are struggling, there is a school counsellor to support them, since as a school, Mount Kelly cares about not only the children’s attainment and progress but also their well- being.

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