Former Vice-Chancellor of CUHK Joins UWC Info Day on 12th October

Education | 10 Oct 2019

Students who are interested to study in any of the 18 schools and colleges of the United World
Colleges (UWC) across the world will have the opportunity to ask questions straight to a panel of
accomplished UWC alumni and personalities, including former Chinese University of Hong Kong
Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Joseph Sung, SBS, JP, and Chairperson of Li Po Chun UWC
(LPCUWC) Board Mr Anthony Tong, BBS, during the UWC Info Day on 12th October.

Together with UWCHK, LPCUWC will open its campus to the public for two UWC Info Days: one on
12th October 2019, and another on 10th November 2019. Not only can prospective students and
parents tour the college with boarding facilities, they can also interact with students from 80
nationalities and chat with alumni from different UWCs to hear first-hand about their experiences.

The day begins with an introduction to the UWC unique education model by LPCUWC Principal
Arnett Edwards then segues into lively activities, including performances and sign-up booths at the
Courtyard by LPCUWC students showcasing their Quan Cai co-curricular activities.

One of the highlights of the UWC Info Day is a panel interaction between UWC alumni and
prospective students and their parents. Professor Sung will be joining the panel to share his
insights as a parent of LPCUWC alumna and current Board Member of LPCUWC. Other notable
speakers include Mr Anthony Tong, BB, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of LPCUWC and
expert on energy and sustainability. Speakers on the panel, together with more than 30 UWC
alumni and parents and LPCUWC students, will also share their personal UWC stories to shed
more light on how their UWC experience has impacted them both as an individual and a member
of the larger community.

To register for the Info Days, interested students and parents are encouraged to get a free ticket
via Eventbrite: 12 October Info Day ( ) or 10 November Info Day
( ).

UWCHK is now accepting applications from Hong Kong students currently in Secondary 4 or 5
(under local system) or Year 11 (non-local system) or equivalent. Applications are to be completed
online at . Deadline for submission is on 25 November 2019.

All UWC schools and colleges offer a 2-year pre-university International Baccalaureate Diploma
Programme and generate strong interest because of its characteristic boarding school set-up that
is holistic and culturally diverse, and its firm mission on promoting peace and sustainability.

For queries on admissions, scholarships and the upcoming Info Days, please contact the UWC
Hong Kong Committee via e-mail or by phone 2640 0441.

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