New programmes on board! Infant & Toddler (0-2 years old) and Full Day (2-6 years old)

Education | 13 Aug 2019

Over the past 15 years, Box Hill has committed to providing quality education to children of 2 to 6 years old.  This year, they have extended their services in offering Infant and Toddler Programme (0-2 years old) and Full Day Programme (2-6 years old).

Box Hill sees education a lifelong learning.  At Box Hill, they focus not only on how much children can learn at present, but also how much they can prepare children for their lifelong journey of learning and growing.

Box Hill emphasizes on building up children’s confidence through daily encounters, from daily learning to special school events, allowing them to present their ideas and try out their thoughts.  They uphold confidence and resilience in each child, providing a positive and caring environment to facilitate their development and adventures. 

To prepare children for lifelong learning, Box Hill adopts the UK Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, which emphasizes a holistic and individualized learning for every child.  Hong Kong is a metropolitan city, Box Hill takes pride in their one-of-its-kind language curriculum which allows children to acquire fluency in multilingual learning by immersing in full and authentic English learning environment.  To further enhance children’s language foundation, they have “Letters and Sounds” Phonics Programme from UK.  This helps children develop the essential phonological awareness and solid phonics skills, and children gradually become confident readers and writers.  English is the main medium of instructions, Box Hill provides a progressive Chinese curriculum (Cantonese and Mandarin) which helps children acquire the essential skills for seamless interface with local primary schools.  Their graduates are eligible for both international and local primary schools, this shows Box Hill’s advantage of providing a diversified learning pathway to children.

To further extend their services, Box Hill is now offering a new 0-2 years old Infant & Toddler Programme at Tseung Kwan O School and Kwai Chung School.  Children can start their learning journey with parents in a caring and multicultural environment since young.  It would better prepare children for their formal schooling in the later stage.  Children who complete the 18-24 months programme in Box Hill will be exempted from entrance interview if they apply for nursery class (2 years old).

Their Full Day Progamme is well designed to keep children busy and happy at learning the whole day.  In addition to the learning schedule in the morning, a wide array of multi-intelligence activities are arranged in the afternoon for children to find and develop their interests in different activities.  There are Cantonese and Mandarin/Pinyin learning, phonics, art jamming, golf or other sports, and Spanish or other foreign language learning.  These activities are conducted by professional teachers and coaches.  Children learn to be more independent in their self-management tasks as they will learn to eat and sleep by themselves in the Full Day routines.

Other information:

Ma On Shan School: 2750-6323 

Tseung Kwan O School: 2623-0023

Fo Tan School: 2688-2161  

Kwai Chung School: 2151-1383                 

Open Day

Ma On Shan School and Kwai Chung School: 7th Sept (Sat)

Fo Tan School and Tseung Kwan O School: 21st Sept (Sat)


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