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Health Beauty | 5 Nov 2019

Be prepared to spend a bit more time when buying MTM skin-care products. The Japanese beauty brand believes that everyone is different, so customers are given individual consultations before their products are custom-blended for them on the spot. This personalized attention allows for products that can really get results.

Keen to try it out? Start with two new custom-blended products: Essential Defender (HK$400) and Overnight Re-Boost Mask (HK$890). They complement each other to shield your skin from pollutants, boost anti-oxidation and cell regeneration, and rejuvenate your skin.

The Defender dispenses a fine mist containing essences which can be rapidly absorbed by the skin and helps to replenish moisture while the mask revitalizes your skin during bedtime by conserving nutrients under the surface.

New store: Shop B101, K11 Musea

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