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Technology | Deepika Nikhilender 21 Sep 2020

Data is growing at an unprecedented pace, and the increasing amount of consumer data in particular is fundamentally changing how brands operate in the region.

However, while brands have ever-increasing data coming from both the online and offline lives of consumers, this data currently sits in silos with no bridge to access them. This siloed data results in siloed media planning for campaigns - with no influence coming from one another's data.

E-consultancy found that only 23 percent of marketers in southeast Asia believe their current solutions can provide data integration and a unified view across all channels.

In today's omnichannel world, marketers can't afford such disunity in their understanding of the consumer.

This is especially true with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, where the already complex path to purchase has evolved even further, setting the scene for unpredictable long-term changes in consumer behavior.

For advertisers to remain accountable and most effectively drive business outcomes with their media spend in a post-Covid world, it is imperative to bridge the gap between online and offline data to gain access to a 360-degree view of the consumer across the entire journey.

The solutions and innovation strategy team at Xaxis has developed Beyond, a pioneering solution to bridge the gap between siloed consumer data.

Beyond uses GroupM's proprietary data management platform, called [m]Insights, which has built a database of online portrait data by combining advertiser data, such as customer behaviors on the brand's website and mobile app, with third party browsing-behavior-based data to provide a more complete picture of how individuals behave online.

It then unifies the portrait data available on [m]Insights with offline movement data to bridge the gap and uncover the true consumer behavior both on and offline.

This bridge is being used to drive a variety of outcomes across different sectors.

Cinemas and entertainment companies use insights from actual movie attendees to inform their online campaigns, rather than general interest targeting based on a movie's target audience, thus reaching a more relevant audience and potentially driving more footfall to cinemas.

Retailers learn the most frequented locations of their customers to help out-of-home and digital out-of-home planning and boost awareness where it most counts.

Car makers gain visibility into the other showrooms their customers visit to better understand their competitors and run campaigns to more aggressively drive competitor audiences to their test-drive pages.

Fast-food chains create audience personas of visitors to physical store locations based on their browsing and movement behaviors, then serve them dynamic ads of the most relevant deals to boost online conversion.

Whether a brand hopes to drive online conversion or track offline footfall, Beyond is equipping the marketers with a deeper understanding of their audiences across channels.

Deepika Nikhilender is the senior vice president for Asia Pacific at programmatic media and technology platform Xaxis

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