Better to be safe than sorry

Technology | Ivy Ong-Wood 6 Jul 2020

As the pandemic stretches on, people are making up for not being able to spend a lot of time outdoors by going online instead. This increased activity - especially by those who are not security-savvy - is a boon for hackers.

Over the past 12 months, Google's top trending search keywords in Hong Kong were "phishing," "malware" and "hacking." According to Google data, as many as four billion usernames and passwords around the globe have been exposed due to third-party breaches - yet more than 75 percent of internet users still struggle with managing and keeping track of their passwords.

During the pandemic, Google has blocked more than 100 million phishing e-mails a day, including more than 18 million related to Covid-19.

To promote safer internet usage and raise awareness of hidden dangers, Google Hong Kong, in collaboration with the city's Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data have commissioned local illustrator Dustykid to create a series based on the everyday online challenges faced by the Dustykid Family.

Google Hong Kong's sales and operations managing director Leonie Valentine said: "Hong Kong people across all ages have become more digitally-savvy over the past three years, according to Google's Smarter Digital City Whitepaper 3.0. Hence, bringing attention to safer internet best practices is more important than ever. Google has been promoting digital citizenship and safety, for example with the interactive Be Internet Awesome platform. We invited local illustrator Dustykid to make safer internet tips easy-to-follow and relevant for everyone and all families in Hong Kong."

Among the stories are Dustymama's online shopping experience, Dustypapa's social networking habits and Dustykid's password-setting experience.

The illustration series is available on Dustykid's Facebook ( and Instagram (

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