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Technology | 15 Jan 2020

C Hung

Only days into the New Year, Bentley Hong Kong - DCH launched the Bentley Flying Spur with an invitation to Bentley aficionados to take a look at what the luxury automaker called "the ultimate luxury Grand Touring sedan."

That is a swift response by the Bentley dealer in unveiling the third generation of the four-door luxury sedan.

The light-burgundy unit greeting guests at Ovolo Southside, a popular venue for luxury car events nowadays, is a left-hand-drive model flown in especially for the ceremony.

Sources close to the dealer revealed that the first right-hand-drive demonstration vehicle would arrive as early as late this month, while the first deliveries of the luxury vehicle, which comes with a starting price of HK$3.4 million, will take several months.

It was also said that the dealer has been receiving "a strong response" to the new vehicle that was once again "designed, engineered and handcrafted in Great Britain."

As can be expected of a luxury vehicle bearing the Flying B mascot, the latest Flying Spur, which shares many of the mechanics with its Continental GT sibling introduced a year before, boasts some of the most carefully selected materials that have ever adorned the interior and exterior of one.

There are Tier-A wood panels, polished metal trims, and excellent leather upholstery. With the marque going the extra mile, high-quality materials are just the start of the Flying Spur experience.

Some of the car's designs and equipment set to amaze people include fluted leather seats, as well as what Bentley calls the world's first three-dimensional diamond-quilted leather doors and the unique Bentley rotating display.

However, Bentley is careful to remind people that the Flying Spur does not only have old-school charm.

It also wants to emphasize the modern nature and connectivity of the new car.

The new Flying Spur combines state-of-the-art high technology with a modern, ultra-luxurious interior and exterior, emphasized Bentley Motors' board member for manufacturing Peter Bosch.

The car's infotainment system, for example, is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto apps.

For rear-seat passengers, the detachable touch screen remote control ensures that the boss can now adjust everything from the seat's massage functions to window blinds with almost absolute grace.

And like the two generations before it, the third generation Flying Spur is a rocket if pushed hard.

Mating with a quick eight-speed double-clutch automatic transmission, the reworked six-liter W12 turbocharged engine - now with a rated output of 635PS - propels the luxury Grand Tourer sedan to reach 100 kmh in a mere 3.8 seconds.

But it's not only about brute force: the new Flying Spur boasts advanced driver assistance systems to keep the luxury vehicle planted to the road, pointed in the correct directions, and its passengers in comfort.

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