Exploring your potentials overseas

Overseas-education | 27 Apr 2021

Living in a globalised world, pursuing an overseas degree brings many benefits to your personal development and career prospect. From experiencing a new way of life to building a global network, studying abroad is definitely a life-changing experience.

Given the myriad benefits, many parents in Hong Kong have sent their children overseas in the hopes of giving them a better education and future. According to the statistics from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), at the present 36,420 Hong Kong students are studying abroad.

Pupils in the UK account for the largest number with 16,292, followed by Australia (9,643), United States (6,958) and Canada (2,181). Aside from these popular destinations, there are also students studying in Macao, Korea, Germany, Ireland and Switzerland, which offer a wide array of programme options.


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