Northern Ireland: Best picks for top-notch education

Overseas-education | 3 Feb 2021

Northern Ireland, part of the United Kingdom and sharing a land border with the Republic of Ireland, is home for some of the best schools that have nurtured big names in various spheres, such as a former mayor of London Sir Peter Gadsden, and famous actors Jamie Dornan and Liam Neeson. Here are three top picks for prospective students.

Campbell College – first-choice boys boarding school

Described as ‘boy heaven’, Campbell College boasts nearly 100 acres of beautiful grounds and over 120 years of history, providing a perfect learning environment for boys aged 3 to 18 years to thrive.

Thanks to its quality teaching and learning environment, the school has a total enrollment of 1,200 students, including 150 international students from 30 countries, creating a diverse and multicultural environment for students to learn and grow.  

In support of every student’s needs and interests, the school offers a vast course selection, ranging from general courses in arts, sciences and business to unusual courses like media studies and motor vehicle. Not just emphasizing on academic performance, the school also offers numerous sporting facilities to encourage the boys to learn outside the classroom, such as 11 rugby pitches, five cricket pitches, indoor shooting range, a lake, and more.  

With a high requirement on students’ all-rounded development, the school has over 40% of its students admitted to the world-renowned Russell Group institutions, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Durham and Edinburgh.  

Rockport School – cradle of student athletes

Founded in 1906, Rockport School is a co-educational day and boarding school for children aged above 2 to 18 years. Fostering a spirit of adventure and a love for great outdoors, the school offers an inspiring environment and education which goes far beyond the classroom.

As the only independent school in Northern Ireland, the school enjoys high flexibility in teaching and has adopted a small-class teaching approach, having around 250 pupils throughout, from playgroup to sixth form. This helps meet the individual needs of each student to ensure excellent academic performances.

In line with its adventure spirit, the school offers diverse sports programs and an hour of games every day for pupils, encouraging them to actively engage in sports activities. What’s more, it’s also the only school in Northern Ireland that operates its own golf academy, nurturing children to be an excellent golf player under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Royal School Armagh – long-standing top school

The Royal School Armagh is a co-educational grammar school founded in 1608 by James I. Recognized as one of the leading schools in Ireland, it offers a vibrant and welcoming environment for children to live and work with their peers.

The school has a total enrolment of 735 pupils from ages of 5 to 18 with accommodation for 90 boarders. Dedicated to providing whole-person education, the school adopts a holistic approach which enables pupils to achieve their full potential in academic, social, moral and spiritual terms. Besides, the school also emphasizes outdoor activities, encouraging pupils to learn outside the classroom to boost their self-esteem and confidence.

All pupils study for GCSE examinations and the majority will continue to study for A-Levels and then progress to universities and colleges throughout the UK. 


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