Selecting the right UK boarding school

Overseas-education | 15 Dec 2020

With over hundreds of years of excellence in the education sector, the UK is always the top choice among Hong Kong parents when considering an overseas education for their children.

Yet, given a wide variety of boarding schools in the UK, choosing one that best suits your child can be a daunting task. Here are three key considerations to look at when searching for a boarding school.

Teaching philosophy of the school

Take the time to research the school’s teaching philosophy - does it fit your child’s ability and personality? Some parents concentrate on the school’s past academic results and entrance rate to the top universities, but fail to understand its teaching method, which may eventually lead to high academic stress for their children.

School culture and diversity

Aside from academic performance, a school’s culture and its diversity are also important factors for your child to thrive. Parents should take a look at the regional culture, the ratio of female to male students, and what types of extracurricular activity the school offers, ensuring your child can well integrate into the classroom and develop their interests.

Seeking the right overseas education agency

In Hong Kong, parents tend to seek help from overseas education agencies to find a suitable boarding school for their children. Since these agencies survive from 10 to 20% rebates from students’ school fees, and they also need to meet the quota of new students each year, some of them may not be working with the best interests of parents and students at heart.

Therefore, parents would do well to consult independent overseas education consultants or experts for advice. These independent consultants will make recommendations according to your children’s personality and learning ability, as opposed to other ulterior motives.

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