What's it like studying in Australia?

Overseas-education | 31 Jul 2020

Australia promotes innovation, creativity, and independent thinking throughout its schools and universities. International students who study and live in Australia soon find that their education is challenging, fun, and rewarding.

When it comes to studying abroad in Australia, academics is only half the picture. While students prepare for their studies, they should ensure they don’t miss the best student life experience possible.

International students should carefully consider their housing options. On campus housing allows students to have immediate access to student clubs and academic resources, which is not only helpful for studying purposes, but can also help develop relationships. Having a roommate can help them make connections and venture out, which can be a very helpful step in experiencing student life in Australia.

Even if students choose to live off campus, be sure it is close enough to campus to easily partake in classes, activities, and clubs. They can explore outdoor activities such as surfing, rowing, or cycling. Many schools will have information on clubs during orientation, and most international students will receive details regarding clubs as part of their welcome kit.

Student life in Australia benefits greatly from university activities. These activities will vary from school to school, and can include everything from special guest speakers to group mixers. Students can even participate in group sporting opportunities, either casually or competitively.

Australia is a vibrant country with culturally rich cities and awe-inspiring natural wonders. Therefore, to truly appreciate student life in Australia, international students need to take the time to explore everything this diverse country has to offer, from the cities to the outback, and from the beaches to the museums, not forgetting quintessential Aussie sports such as rugby and Australian rules football.

When it comes to getting involved in the student life in Australia, it is important for international students to remember that the only wrong choice they can make is to not get involved.

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