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Overseas-education | Lisa Kao 3 Dec 2019

Previously, all aspiring entrepreneurs applying to Insead had an average of at least six years of work experience. But now, the leading graduate business school is opening its doors to entry-level students.

By August, Insead will launch its new 10-month-long master in management program, which targets learners with zero to two years of work experience.

Unlike its other master programs, the new program welcomes bachelor degree holders from any field and focuses on candidates' values rather than experiences.

"Their intellectual curiosity, creativity, open-mindedness, and a demonstrated adaptability to different cultures," said Thibault Seguret, program director of the Insead MIM program. "Candidates will also have to show they desire to evolve in a global career."

Although the duration of the new master's is only 10 months, it provides a packed training schedule featuring core courses, electives and overseas studies.

The degree is divided into five periods, with each period consisting of a five-week course, followed by a two-week group exercise to prepare students for real scenarios they might encounter in their careers.

"Participants are assigned to a diverse group of five to six people, with whom they will do the class exercises," said Seguret. "They will follow five weeks of classes with their 80 peers, mixed with group exercises where they will have to collaborate with their workgroup."

Four of the five study periods will be core coursedriven, providing a foundation to key management disciplines, while the fifth period offers a choice of six electives. "The selection of topics come with a focus on innovation, with an aim to ensure that students graduate with knowledge and skills that will allow them to jump right into action the moment they start work," he said. Electives will include subjects such as social media analytics, fintech and blockchain.

However, Insead doesn't just want students to leave with a management education; rather, it aims to produce global leaders, using the program to provide a multi-destination learning experience.

In periods one to three, students will be learning in Insead's Fontainebleau campus in France, while the remaining two periods will at the Singapore campus.

Moreover, during periods three and four, students can choose to go on field trips in Abu Dhabi, China or the United States.

"We want our graduates to have a truly global perspective on the world. The global exposure, multicultural adaptability and openness that they would have gained would make Insead MIM graduates stand out from the crowd," said the program director.

Apart from the regular syllabus, the program is striving for future global leaders through training their language abilities.

"English will be the language used in teaching. However, in the same manner as participants from other Insead degree programs, students will have to know three different languages to graduate." Seguret encourages students to use their own time to study a third language through a comprehensive set of online classes provided to all students.

Like other programs, the new MIM is expected to see a diverse pool of candidates. "We are expecting a class of more than 25 nationalities with an aim for a 50-50 gender split." The program director encourages students to spend their time as a multicultural group and be curious about their peers' culture, language and ideas in order to make the most of their experience.

As a practice-oriented program, students are expected to be able to start a career in business after graduation.

Even though graduates may start at entry-level positions, the program director believes they will evolve professionally over the next few years.

"A strong accent has been put so that MIM graduates are efficient in the workplace from the first day, allowing them to make a true difference for their future employers," he said.

Insead Career Development Centre will support the students in kick-starting their career in the business world. After graduation, the team will continue to support them in terms of career advice, workshops, coaching and lifelong learning activities.

To apply for the program, applicants must take the GMAT or GRE exam, submit an online application, record a video response to a set of questions and attend a skype interview. Admission is a multi-staged process with five deadlines across two years, and each round is reviewed on a rolling basis.

The second and third-round deadline is December 11 and February 12, respectively.

"The MIM program is highly selective, allowing Insead to maintain its high standards in terms of quality and diversity of the student body," said Seguret.


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