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Overseas-education | Kelis Wong 21 Feb 2017

Europe is a popular destination for studying abroad. Many higher education institutions there offer international students an opportunity to pursue a recognized degree qualification free or for an accessible amount.

But with thousands of universities and study options to choose from, do you know where to start looking? Try the Study.EU website hosted by the European Union.

The website hosts a database that contains information about 5,500 bachelor's, master's and PhD programs taught at more than 300 universities in 12 European countries, including Britain, Denmark, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Students can find study options that fit their needs by filtering academic level, discipline, country, duration, tuition fee and other criteria. The website has also recently added a direct-connect feature that enables one to send questions directly to a university of interest.

"This new feature is all about making things easier for our users," said Study.EU chief executive Gerrit Bruno Bloss. "Students are now literally just one click away from their dream university.

"And our partner institutions are enthusiastic because it opens up the conversation with prospective students in a comfortable, uncomplicated way."

Most of the programs listed are taught in English. The website provides complete coverage of the universities located in the Nordic and Baltic states.

More universities and programs offered in Britain will be added.

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