Skill shortage eases the way

Overseas Property | 13 May 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly affected the workforce in many countries. In Australia, more than 500,000 temporary visa holders left the country, resulting in significant skill shortages.

Without the return of skilled migrants, economic recovery will be hampered. The joint standing committee on migration has therefore made 12 recommendations aimed at attracting highly talented individuals and businesses back to Australia.

They include streamlining labor market testing - a mechanism designed to test the availability of local resident labor supply - so that foreign workers can land jobs more easily.

Another suggestion was to review the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation list to expand the number of jobs and better reflect skill shortages in the context of economic recovery.

Other recommendations include lifting visa sponsorship fees, allowing visa holders to work multiple roles under the same visa, expediting visa processing times, reserving places for skilled migrants on flights and in quarantine and giving visa holders a clearer pathway to permanent residency.

Meanwhile, KPMG also put forward some recommendations to help Australia bring back migrants to fill capacity gaps.

One suggestion particularly worth noting was to "consider improvements to the Global Talent Scheme and Hong Kong visa class to ensure international competitiveness in a highly competitive global market, including a review of salary caps, age thresholds, turnover requirements and concessions on key criteria for Hong Kong nationals."

So if you're looking to start a new life Down Under, now might be a good chance!

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