Beware the honking

Overseas Property | 22 Apr 2021

famously sharing a name with an outerwear brand best known for being worn by the rich, famous and powerful in the colder months, Canada's geese have begun their return to the city of Edmonton.

And that is just the beginning. Over the next few weeks, the geese are expected to return to the city in their thousands, which doesn't please everyone, even though they are known for being friendly to humans.

Except at nesting time and when raising their young. Then they can rush at people, honking and spreading their wings. They can and have caused serious injuries - even deaths - to property owners and others.

The point has reached where wildlife rescue and rehabilitation society Wildnorth gets dozens of calls about geese nesting on buildings.

If your property has been eyed by one of these geese, you can shoo them away or set up something to keep them away. Wildnorth suggests using flagging tape or, as they put it, "anything that has some motion to it."

But if geese have already set up shop on your property, you're out of luck.

They're a protected species, so if there are eggs in the nest, you're stuck with them for about a month - the length of their incubation period.

The good news is that once that month is up, eggs will hatch in a day and chicks then head to the nearest body of water.


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