Making your way to Old Blighty

Overseas Property | 21 Apr 2021

If you haven't heard the good news yet, heading to Britain with your family under the BNO visa has just become even easier.

That's because a new set of updated guidelines from the British government say family members can now apply separately, providing more flexibility.

Under the new set of guidelines published this month, the government says "it is permissible for the BNO status holder's spouse or partner and dependent child under 18 to apply for the Hong Kong BNO route separately from the lead applicant."

This means that for families, one parent can move to Britain first before the other parent and children join them later or vice versa. For many families, this is an ideal arrangement, as one parent could arrive first to sort out affairs, so that when their children come, they can get settled right away.

The other option - the children going first with a parent so they have more time to adjust to the new environment and search for a suitable school, while the other parent stays in Hong Kong for work - is also common.

In addition, the new regulations also stress that "if a BNO status holder meets a new partner after a grant of permission on the BNO route, their partner would be able to come to the UK providing they otherwise meet the requirements for a dependent partner on the route."

So perhaps adding "BNO passport holder" to your Tinder profile will be the magic touch that lands you a date with your dream partner.

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