Oz visa programs change

Overseas Property | 20 Apr 2021

Australia is among countries that have lately adjusted visa programs. While the total number of available visas remains the same at 160,000, there have been numerous changes to the skilled work and family visa categories.

It's good news for applicants under three programs - the Employer Sponsored, the Global Talent and Business Innovation and Investment - for applications will be fast-tracked.

Every silver lining has a cloud, however, and the fast-tracking comes with a caveat: there will be fewer employer-sponsored visas.

There's also good news for visa holders who have been unable to enter Australia. The Australian government has said some visa holders may be eligible for visa application charge refunds or qualify for visa waivers.

But the most notable among the changes is a requirement that partners of Australians must pass an English language test before they can gain permanent residency. This applies to the Australian partner as well if he or she is a permanent resident but not a citizen. If approved by parliament, this change will come into effect mid-2021.

So it's time to start parsing through some of everyone's favorite thing: red tape!

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