Australia welcomes global talent

Overseas Property | 29 Jan 2021

Australia is a popular choice for intending emigrants from Hong Kong as it is a friendly, multicultural community. But the truly unique thing that links all Australian residents is the Australian way of life.

Australia’s multiculturalism and diversity continue to grow as people from around the world settle in the country’s buzzing capital cities and serene regional towns. Today, the community’s rich backgrounds and vibrant cultures influence everything from food to celebrations.

Amongst its state capitals, Melbourne prides itself on the enviable status as the world's most liveable city for 76 years in a row. Also, the similarity in weather and the minimal time difference between Australia and Hong Kong mean that it is not difficult to make the necessary adjustments. Furthermore, Australia is a mere overnight flight away.

Australia is also a lifestyle destination and one of the most prosperous, safe and culturally diverse countries in the world. It offers opportunities for innovation, with strong trading link, coupled with a business-friendly regulatory approach by the government. Through the Global Talent Independent program (GTI), talented individuals are invited and offered permanent residency to make their new lives in Australia.

Australia is beckoning the brightest and best global talents to work in seventeen future-focused sectors through the GTI program which is designed to help grow the nation’s innovation and tech economies. This will create opportunities for Australians by transferring skills, promoting innovation, and creating jobs.

Those currently working in one of the seventeen sectors can touch base with Hong Kong-based Australian lawyer Larry Lai to obtain more information.


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