Pattaya works on new post-pandemic look

Overseas Property | 24 Dec 2020

Thailand's tourism industry has been hit hard by the global Covid-19 pandemic.

So in order to save the economy and see better days after the coronavirus reverses, planning officials in the resort city of Pattaya have launched a development plan costing 80 billion baht (HK$20.6 billion) - including improving local infrastructure and building a comprehensive commercial and entertainment center to enhance the local tourism image.

The Neo Pattaya project has earmarked 160,000 square meters around Bali Hai Pier to turn it into a commercial and entertainment center that can enhance the quality of community tourism.

The plan, which has already been approved by Thailand's Ministry of the Interior, also focuses on solving local flooding problems by constructing a 110-kilometer drainage system and a large circulating pool.

The construction is divided into five phases with an investment of 17.8 billion baht.

Other major items also include new drainage systems in north and central Pattaya and another to the south.

Sand filling works along the north-south Pattaya coast have been completed, and an extension to the popular Jomtien Beach is expected to be done by 2023.

Then there is the Bali Hai Pier development project to build a commercial and entertainment complex and a push to upgrade facilities on nearby Koh Larn Island.

Pattaya's tourism industry has suffered a serious impact from the coronavirus pandemic. It is estimated the number of tourists in Pattaya this year will total only about four million, compared to 15 million before.

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