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Overseas Property | Ivy Ong-Wood 16 Jul 2020

One problem with vacuum cleaners is that while the cord and size make conventional ones unwieldy, the cordless ones are not powerful enough.

Miele's first cordless stick vacuum, the Triflex HX1, addresses this head on. Not only is it powered by the brand's Vortex technology for a high airflow rate and strong suction power, it also features an innovative three-in-one design for better flexibility.

The clever reconfigurable design is its main selling point. At the heart of the Triflex HX1 is the PowerUnit, which can be fitted directly below the handle for use close to the floor or used by itself in handheld mode depending on cleaning needs.

For hard to reach places, positioning the PowerUnit at the top in Reach mode enables easy cleaning of ceiling corners and under furniture.

With the PowerUnit closer to the floor in Comfort mode, the weight distribution allows for easy vacuuming of large areas without experiencing fatigue. The balance also enables the vacuum to stand upright on its own. To remove crumbs from countertops or cleaning the car, configure the Triflex HX1 into the handheld Compact mode.

This flexibility also helps with storage. The appliance can be mounted to the wall using the provided bracket or simply stored upright. Though the power plug needs to be near the storage area, the battery can be charged separately with a charger cradle.

In the Cat&Dog and HX1 Pro models, an LED headlight helps to illuminate specks of dust in dark corners. Intelligent Floor Detection allows the vacuum to identify and adapt to all floor types, adjusting its power output accordingly.

The appliance is available in three models (HK$5,388) at the Miele Experience Centre, webshop and Tuen Mun Town Plaza pop-up until September 14 or PopCorn roadshow from September 11 to 14.


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