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Overseas Property | C Hung 15 Jul 2020

Italian luxury sports car marque Lamborghini makes a relatively small range of cars. So when a new version comes around - as is the case when the Huracan EVO RWD made its local debut late last month - people sit up and take notice.

A little explanation on the name first. Lamborghini uses EVO to refer to a phase two, mid-cycle upgraded version of the Huracan, whereas RWD signifies a rear-wheel-drive system. The norm for the manufacturer's drive system has been four-wheel-drive over the past two decades.

Some people might think the Huracan is a little long in the tooth to be exciting. After all, it made its debut in 2014.

But the fact is that the Sant'Agata carmaker occupies a market segment in which players produce replacement models less frequently than the Italian Republic changes its prime minister.

Instead, Lamborghini introduces new versions. Over recent years, it has released special and limited versions of the Huracan to keep bull lovers around the world entertained.

Don't ask how many of those there are exactly - only the most dedicated Raging Bull sites can answer that question.

Of all the special versions, only two have been truly about more than aesthetics. Released in 2017, the track-focused Performante came featuring the most advanced aero kits ever in a Lamborghini; the other was the RWD version - the first Huracan LP550-2 was released as early as 2015.

This EVO RWD is therefore the facelifted version of the original Huracan RWD.

Like the previous Huracan RWD, this EVO RWD employs a slightly detuned naturally aspirated V10 engine compared to its AWD sibling, 610 versus 640hp. The first Huracan RWD had 550hp.

According to Lamborghini, the lighter EVO RWD can reach a top speed of 325 kmh, while the benchmark 0-100 kmh acceleration takes a mere 3.3 seconds.

It is a quick car for sure, but it is not designed to beat its AWD sibling on a racetrack, especially in the wet.

The EVO RWD is designed to put back some scary elements into the equation, bringing back memories for those who are old enough of a bygone era when taking the driving seat of a Lamborghini was very much like wrestling a Raging Bull.

Of course, Lamborghini is clever to get the connection right - but not at the expense of safety.

That's why the EVO RWD is equipped with a specially calibrated Performance Traction Control System. In the everyday Strada mode, the driver must feel that the car is very much under control most of the time. Those brave enough can choose two other modes for added fun, or scary, levels, Sport and Corsa.

When introducing the car to guests in a private preview, Lamborghini Hong Kong director Albert Wong emphasized the importance of man and machine interface, saying: "The Huracan EVO RWD performance relies on the harmony between man and machine: driving skills and the Huracan EVO's RWD mechanics, to deliver perfectly balanced dynamics, physical feedback and a pure performance."

He was obviously referring to more than the HMI touchscreen technology fitted in the car, which is priced at HK$3.599 million.

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