AIMS provides hot tips for immigration to four top destinations

Overseas Property | 2 Sep 2019

The recent social unrest in Hong Kong has prompted an increasing number of people to explore immigration possibilities. Some may not be serious about actually making a move, but they nevertheless want to look at the options open to them and their family.

It is in this context that AIMS Immigration & Relocation Specialist Ltd recently organized a seminar at the Cordis Hotel on July 27, focusing on four popular immigration destinations, viz, Australia, Canada, the UK and the US. About 500 attendees were all ears, intent on gathering handy information and making further enquiries.

Themed on ‘Where to immigrate to?’, the event was hosted by immigration experts based in various countries, including Asma, UK immigration Experts, Founder of UK Business & Investment Corporate; Sosana Chan, Regulated Canadian Immigration Lawyer, Executive Director of CA Immigration/ Investment Services Inc.; Arnold, Accredited Specialist in Immigration Law, Past President of the MAIA ,Former Chairman of AUS MARA; Ivan Mak, AIMS CEO of Hong Kong & Macau Region of AIMS; Philippe, Quebec Immigration Lawyer, Member of the Barreau du Québec; and Terence Wong, Founder and Director of Angel UK study Centre. They shared their perspectives, provided the latest information, and answered attendees’ queries.

Ivan Mak started the ball rolling by pointing out that whilst applicants tend to focus on individual threshold requirements, experts believe they should first consider the cultural background of the country, and whether the environment matches their own circumstances.


Arnold points out that Australia would be very appealing to Hongkongers because of its equitable climate and pleasant living environment. As the immigration policy varies between states and is revised from time to time, he suggests applicants should study closely their job opportunities, business environment and education facilities for their children.

“Australia is often the first choice of many Hongkongers because of the slight time difference,” says Ivan Mak. “However, it is becoming more difficult to emigrate to Australia through investment or business. Therefore, applicants should also consider Canada because of comparatively lower thresholds for investment immigration.”


Sosana Chan points out that there are a lot of enquiries regarding immigration to Canada lately. Originally from Hong Kong, she reckons that Canada is a great place for Hongkongers to start a new life, especially in Ontario and British Columbia. Businessmen can also consider investment programs such as the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program.

The United Kingdom

Asma points out that applicant without past business experience can apply for start-up visa or innovator visa. Those who want to gain entry sooner can consider investment immigration, budget permitting.

“The UK immigration policy favours those who invest in innovative technology,” she continues. “Therefore, the proposed business plan should contain some revolutionary concepts that are approved by technology authorities or licensed universities.”

She reminds applicants that the Tier 1 entrepreneur visa scheme has been replaced by the UK Innovator visa scheme and 6 July 2019, while the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Scheme has also been replaced by the Start-Up visa scheme.

The United States

Nicolas, specializing in the United States and Canada investment immigration projects, stresses that there is a risk element in every investment scheme. Applicants should, therefore, seek professional advice before making any commitment.

Ivan Mak highlights the difference in business environment between Hong Kong and overseas countries. “To succeed in business or in investments, applicants should carefully choose their immigration consultant,” he says.

Launched in 2016, AIMS Immigration Specialist (HK) Limited is the 6th overseas office of the Singapore-based immigration consultation firm – AIMS Immigration Specialist. In addition to Hong Kong, the Group has 14 offices across ten countries, including Australia, China and Vietnam.

Since its establishment more than 13 years ago, AIMS Immigration & Relocation Specialist Ltd has handled more than 10,000 successful immigration cases, and stands ready to assist successful applicants on a range of services, including taxation, accommodation, education, banking and other formalities.

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