Experts share tip on investing on the Greater Bay Area’s real estate

Overseas Property | 21 Jun 2019

On June 15, The Standard, in collaboration with Dragon Hover International, organized a Greater Bay Area Property Seminar and Exhibition at Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel. Receiving overwhelming responses from readers, the seminar gathered acclaimed finance expert, sales director and CEO of Dragon Hover International to discuss the real estate investment prospects in the Greater Bay Area with keen investor looking for opportunities on this new property investment hotspot.

Zhuhai – Right place for property investment

Louis Wong, a renowned finance expert in Hong Kong suggests investors to consider Zhuhai for property investment in the Greater Bay Area. “It is important to invest in the right place. The environment and prices of Zhuhai surely benefits Hong Kong investors,” he says. With the fast-growing population the city’s blooming economy, Wong sees the potential of Zhuhai.

“The new Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge has brought convenience for Hongkongers to travel between Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. Zhuhai Jinwan Airport, which is co-operating with Hong Kong International Airport will also bring convenience and faith in traveling in Zhuhai,” Wong says.

“Due to the investment promotion programme launched by the Chinese government, Zhuhai has attracted a multitude of foreign and China leased companies, especially in the medical and electronics industry, to set up factories. With the convenience in transportation, government’s lavish attention in the Greater Bay Area and expanding work force, Zhuhai’s property market has been facilitated.”

Pierre Tsoi shares the Greater Bay Area market insights

“Those who desire to invest on real estate in the Greater Bay Area should consider residents’ prerequisites to purchase real estate if they wish to resell the property,” says Pierre Tsoi, CEO of Dragon Hover International. “Unlike Hongkongers who put whether the apartment is close to MTR station and overlooks an unobstructed sea view in the first place, what residents in the Greater Bay Area consider the most are whether the unit is a residential property or a non-residential property; the surrounding transportation system; whether the unit is a school district housing; and the surrounding facilities.”

“Whilst people living in a hectic metropolis like Hong Kong might not have sufficient time to manage the property that they invested on, Dragon Hover International sets up an investment monitoring system and reports the investment’s situation to customers from time to time. If customers fail to repossess their property on a specific date, our company will fully repurchase the project.”

Sing Wong, Sales Director of Dragon Hover International introduces Hang Lung Yu Graceland to audiences. Situated in the heart of Zhuhai, Hang Lung Yu Graceland stands amidst a range of schools. Furthermore, it takes a mere 3-minute drive to the Zhuhai Bridge.

The Standard organizes property investment seminars and exhibitions periodically. Stay tuned if you want to know more!

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