Bundles of joy

Travel | Cara Chen 4 Jun 2021

As the Dragon Boat Festival approaches, we've put together a mix of traditional and adventurous rice dumplings to tantalize your tastebuds.

The Legacy House in Rosewood sticks to what it is known for: traditional Shunde cusine.

For the steamed sweet dumpling with chestnut, the rice is stuffed with a whole chestnut and lotus seeds. The second variety, the savory steamed rice dumpling with abalone, pork and mushroom, is filled with auspicious "eight treasures" ingredients, including six-headed South African abalone, conpoy, chanterelle, porcini and shiitake, seasoned with shao hsing hua diao wine, soy sauce, sugar and five-spice.

Prepared fresh daily, the two-dumpling gift set (HK$558) is available until June 11 at the restaurant and the hotel's online shop.

At Yung's Bistro in K11 Musea, the stylish sibling of world-famous Yung Kee has turned its signature charcoal-grilled roast goose into dumplings. The succulent meat is combined with whole Japanese dried scallops, shiitake mushrooms, salted egg yolks and pork belly to create a flavor-packed bundle (HK$288).

A more luxurious version, made with a whole South African abalone (HK$1,480), is also available in limited numbers.

Also at K11 Musea, social media hit Sexy Crab has an innovative offering.

The crab roe lava sticky rice dumpling tastes (and looks) as tempting as it sounds, featuring a rich, creamy filling of roe and salted egg yolk.

The crab roe rice dumpling is featured in the Sexy Crab X Baekmidang Dragon Boat Dumpling gift set (HK$498), which also contains a Baekmidang sweet sticky rice dumpling, a jar of Sexy Crab housemade XO sauce and a jar of Korean rice sugar sauce.

Going vegetarian? In strict accordance with Korean temple food disciplines, Soil to Soul's two savories and one sweet (all HK$98) add Korean touches to the classic Chinese delicacy.

The fried kimchi sticky rice dumpling is a creative twist with a distinctive nutty aroma of perilla seed oil. Seasonal vegetables are enchanced by sesame oil for the sesame sticky rice dumpling.

The yakgwa sweet sticky rice dumpling is a variation of a traditional Korean festival sweet.

Green Common adds two new creations (HK$69 each) to its rice dumpling series.

The OmniPork strip rice dumpling with porcini and vegan salted egg features various nourishing ingredients wrapped in a mixture of glutinous rice, mixed grains and white quinoa.

The OmniPork rice dumpling with quinoa is a true envelope of flavor, seasoned with five-spice powder and natural seasonings.

With a mix of glutinous rice, mung bean and red quinoa, the rice dumpling incorporates OmniPork, chestnut, shiitake mushroom and lotus seeds. Every delectable bite is full of delightful chewiness, as well as rich flavors and aromas.

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