Aurora Expeditions unveils sleek interior of its second purpose-built expedition ship

Travel | 14 Jan 2021

Named after world-renowned oceanographer and marine conservationist, Dr Sylvia Earle, the Sylvia Earle features the cutting-edge Ulstein X-BOW®, a core design element that's essential to the speed, agility and impressive fuel efficiency of the ships in the Aurora Expeditions fleet. 


The new ship will be the second in the fleet to sail with the patented ULSTEIN X-BOW®, whose inverted bow design, in combination with Rolls-Royce dynamic stabilisers, offers unrivalled stability and comfort on ocean crossings. 


The Ulstein X-BOW® on the Sylvia Earle is predominately glass, offering extraordinary views to the front of the ship. In polar regions, this means that passengers will be able to appreciate the majesty of an iceberg immediately as it appears on the horizon. It will also feature an outdoor swimming pool, heated by repurposing engine heat – a welcome addition in warmer regions.  


The ship will visit many new destinations, including Alaska, Baja California, the Russian Far East, Raja Ampat and West Papua. Many of the itineraries also visit Mission Blue Hope Spots like The Gulf of California, the Coral Triangle, and Misool Marine Reserve.  


“Exploring the natural world is at the heart of what we do and therefore we have brought elements of nature into the interior design of the Sylvia Earle. Our goal has always been to create lifelong ambassadors for the protection of the wilderness areas they travel to, and this design is reflective of that,” says Monique Ponfoort, CEO of Aurora Expeditions.

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