Kids stay free at Club Med this fall & winter

Travel | 24 Jun 2020

Club Med has launched a generous Kids Stay Free offer from now until 29 April 2021. Kids up to 11 years old enjoy a free stay in their Asian resorts this fall and winter, including peak seasons such as Christmas, New Year's eve and Chinese New Year. With the existing early bird offer of up to 40% discount, both accompanying adults could benefit from the current discount as well.

Club Med's all-inclusive package includes accommodation, all-day dining, free-flow drinks, various water and land activities, entertainment, and, of course, the Kids Club, which is one of the most important highlights for family travelers.

With 50 years of experience and professionalism, Club med has provided specific kids club facilities and activities tailored for all age groups. Kids are well taken care of by qualified and enthusiastic GOs, ensuring that they are safe and happy. Kids will join activities organised by the G.Os each day according to a programme featuring four themes: sports, creativity, expression, and 2 games.

For families travelling during winter, kids aged 4 or above would be able to attend ski group classes led by professional instructors, without extra charges. Kids will have a wonderful time on the slopes while parents could take a break and have some great private moments.

James Lileks

Eighteenth-century homes. Garden walls whose concrete is studded with ancient shells from the beach.

A ruined church. A grocery store with a big, red, circular mailbox outside. A village green where the summer fete is held, and two pubs, the Anchor and the Bell. The ale is crisp and fresh, made across the river in the larger seaside resort town of Southwold, home to an old lighthouse, a pier and a long stretch of colorful beach houses for the London crowd.

You can drive to Southwold from Walbers, but better to take the ferry: a single rowboat oared by a member of a family that's been going back and forth for generations. It'll cost you 1 (HK$9.70). The family dog sits in front as a lookout.

Walberswick is populated in part by refugees and retirees of London's artistic circles, so you'll find an extraordinary collection of talent meandering off to the beach.

That fellow with the small dog in his bike basket? One of England's best soundtrack composers, and a boy-band sensation in the 1960s.

The amusing old lady at the Black Dog deli buying bread? Famed actress and director. Keira Knightley has a place here. That fellow there at the pub directed Love, Actually. And so on.

But that's just a quirky thing. Such talent is useful when you want to put on a show at the village hall, but it's not a place for stargazing. It's a place for, well, real stargazing. You leave the pub at closing time, wander down the dark road to your house, may head toward the church, take the fork off Palmer's Lane, and just sit in the field and marvel at the stars above.

Just keep in mind that it's regarded as one of the most haunted villages in Suffolk. George Orwell reportedly saw a wraith in the church cemetery while visiting. A ghostly carriage is said to ride the streets some night, hoofs clopping.

I was due to go back in June, but, well, you know. Perhaps at summer's end. Two months isn't long to wait - and time moves at a different pace there. It'll still be 1690 at the church, 1960 at the pub, and 2020 in the chic shop with wi-fi. It'll still be Walbers.

Star Tribune (TNS)

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