Okinawa is hard to beat for tying the knot

Travel | 18 Feb 2020

Why Okinawa?

Okinawa has long been the most popular resort wedding destination in Japan, if not in the Asia Pacific region. Far removed from the hustle and bustle of concrete jungles, Okinawa boasts the most alluring ambience, what with its white sandy beaches, azure oceans, and crystal blue skies. As one of Japan’s southernmost islands, Okinawa is blessed with a subtropical oceanic climate with an annual average temperature of 23?.

Couples and their guests can also capitalize on Okinawa’s diverse attractions in terms of cuisine, entertainment, and attraction. Think indulging in a cultural heritage tour in such scenic spots as Shuri Castle and Sefa Utaki; snapping up the latest chic fashions at T Galleria Okinawa; savoring in the lavish Okinawa Gozen; and much more.  

Wedding styles galore

Boasting no less than 46 chapels on the Main Island and outer islands, Okinawa is famous for its experience and expertise in organizing memorable chapel weddings down to the last detail.

On top of the two new chapels that were opened in 2018 – Seragaki Island Kyoukai and Celeste – there are elegant chapels surrounded by boundless oceans, glamorous churches that resemble castles, and white chapels with a brightly-lit and lush interior that guarantee to meet the many wishes of lovers.

Alternatively, couples can opt for some old-time charm with a traditional wedding. Decked out in Kimono, those looking for quietude and a serene moment will find the Nakamura House – a wealthy farmer’s estate that serves as an iconic example of Okinawan traditional residential architecture – the perfect venue for a unique ceremony. The World Heritage Site of Nakagusuku Castle Ruins is also nearby in Kitanakagusuku, which is fantastic for wedding photography.

Far from the madding crowd

Aside from the Okinawa Main Island, other outer islands are also ideal for an exclusive wedding. Miyako Island, for instance, is the place to go for a back-to-nature ceremony, given the crystalline water and sandy beaches there.

Ishigaki Island, on the other hand, is home to verdant forests and the legends of mermaids. Those who wed in this nature’s treasure trove literally feel like kings and queens of the forest. There is an array of excellent chapels and banquet halls on the island, including Ishigaki Resort Garden Wedding and Crudesur Chapel.

There are direct flights from Hong Kong to Okinawa Main Island, Miyako Island, and Ishigaki Island.


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