Ring in the new year in Taipei!

Travel | 27 Dec 2019

Pondering where to go for a grand celebration of yet another new year? Consider Taipei for an annual New Year’s Eve Bash in style.

To brief you through the grandeur, the stellar skyscraper Taipei 101 will be illuminated from the bottom to the upper floor as the masses ardently count down to the new year. That alone makes Taipei 101 the largest New Year’s Eve countdown clock in the world. After the countdown is over, fireworks will instantly set off whilst a star-studded group of entertainers and singers pops up onto the stage to put on a plethora of activities and unique ceremonies.

Albeit taking place in the winter with an ultra-low temperature and frequent bursts of cold air, Taipei New Year’s Eve celebration attracts more people the later the evening gets. Even if a cold snap hits, there is no ceasing in the enthusiasm of those welcoming in the new year. The Taipei city government, who runs the event, has made the concept of turning Taipei city into the ‘New Year City’, which is dubbed as the creative axis of the entire event. Since Taiwan’s first-ever marvelous New Year’s celebration held in 1995, the annual event has received rave reviews among the young, with the media scrambling to report it. The frenzy zeal was shared by people the country over, with similar festivities being held everywhere.

Having gained an international ovation, this glamorous New Year’s Eve celebration has put Taipei squarely on the global stage and it has become one of the most well-known New Year Bashes around the world. So, what are you waiting for?

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