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Home-Decor | Ivy Ong-Wood 7 Oct 2021

Ikea is famous for its Nordic minimalism so when it announced a collaboration with UK designer Zandra Rhodes, more than a few eyebrows were raised.

The zany fashion and textile designer is known for her "more is more" style of bold prints and bright color palettes - in direct contrast to the Swedish brand's ethos of simple lines and soothing hues.

But defying critics, Ikea's limited-edition Karismatisk collection has proved extremely popular, with some items already sold out within a month of its launch.

The instantly recognizable designer, with her trademark pink hair and blue eyeshadow called the collection of statement-making home accessories "functional and fabulous." She said: "It's the sort of collection that people can just take one piece of and it can lighten up their lives or they can take several pieces."

Although Rhodes loves flamboyant prints and colors, her designs are always practical. Every piece has a purpose, she said, as she wants her pieces to be loved and used daily. "When I'm designing, I always have to ask myself, would I use it?"

That ethos spills over to her collaboration with Ikea. "Everything must be usable," she said. "We must consider environmental and economic issues when designing and Ikea shares these beliefs too."

As such, Karismatisk is an example of Ikea's concept of democratic design - it is made with form, function, quality, sustainability and affordability in mind. Wherever possible, recycled materials were used.

But beyond that, Rhodes emphasized the playful element of her designs. "Have fun," advised the octogenarian. "Life is too short!"

Website: www.ikea.com.hk/en


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